GRAPPA@10 Symposium

In 2012 the University of Amsterdam started Gravitation Astroparticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA), its new excellence center for astroparticle physics, a multidisciplinary initiative of three institutes on the Science campus in Amsterdam. Over the last 10 years this new initiative resulted in the hiring of 10 new faculty members, working on topics like dark matter (indirect) detection, gamma-ray emission from cosmic-ray sources, neutrino research, gravitational wave and multimessenger observations of compact objects, and theory and the observations of the early Universe.

After ten years GRAPPA has become an household name in gravitation and astroparticle physics, and a thriving place to do cutting edge research, involving around 50 researchers. In order to celebrate our ten-year anniversary GRAPPA is organising a three day symposium on all aspects of gravitation and astroparticle physics, with an impressive list of invited speakers: David Berge, Pasquale Blasi, Jan de Boer, Manuela Campanelli, Kyle Cranmer, Andreas Freise, Tanja Hinderer, Bradley Kavanagh, Kumiko Kotera, Teresa Marrodán Undagoitia, Alison Mitchell, Hiranya Peiris, Alessandra Silvestri, Christian Stegmann, Licia Verde, and Kathryn Zurek.

We invite colleagues who are interested in all aspects of gravity or astroparticle physics to join us in the celebration of GRAPPA’s ten-year anniversary. Apart from a host of excellent invited speakers we also have a number of open slots for interesting contributions in the field of gravitational and astroparticle physics.

SOC: Samaya Nissanke (chair), Shin'ichiro Ando, Daniel Baumann, Gianfranco Bertone, Patrick Decowski, Ben Freivogel, Sera Markoff, Philipp Mösta, Jacco Vink, Christoph Weniger.

LOC: Jirina Salkova (chair), Samaya Nissanke, Shin'ichiro Ando, Gianfranco Bertone, Sheridan Lloyd, Philipp Mösta, Dion Noordhuis, Christoph Weniger.

We thank our current sponsors IoP (UvA), API (UvA), Nikhef, NOVA, and NWO.

Abstract submission deadline: 07.05.2023