Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about GRAPPA and more generally about the UvA/VU Physics & Astronomy MSc. Please have a look at these questions & answers before contacting us.

    What is the Personal Education Plan (PEP)?

    It is the formal list of courses that will appear on your diploma. Every student has to submit the Personal Education Plan (PEP) at least 4 months before graduation, i.e. if you plan to graduate end of August, you need to submit it before May 1st. Approval of the PEP ensures that when all components are completed, a student can apply for the Master’s degree.

    How do I register for courses?

    You can find a description of the courses in the UvA Course Catalogue. For new students, course registration is done via special enrolment around September 1 for new students. After this students should enrol via the regular route, in the two-week time periods in December and June. Registration for VU elective courses (many of the Academic Skills courses!) is conducted via VUnet. You can sign up for the whole semester or per educational period.

    Where do I need to upload my MSc Research Thesis?

    The thesis is uploaded via DataNose. You can submit your thesis at If you do not see your project course, please contact for assistance.

    What are viable Academic Skills courses for the Master of Physics and Astronomy?

    What follows is a brief description of the Academic Skills course choices that are available in the Master of Physics and Astronomy. Please also have a look at the official documentation in the Study Guide. Choose 6 EC total from the following list. The courses that have a course number starting with X_ or AM_ are given at the VU University and you have to register at VU (with your VU student number), the courses starting with 5354 are at UvA.

    ClassUni CodeECPeriod
    Communication, Organization and ManagementVUAM_4705726 2
    Entrepreneurship for PhysicistsVUX_4226006 3
    Physics Education ProjectX_4205233 or 6 1-6
    Managing Science and Technology in SocietyVUAM_4705866 1
    Research Methods for Analyzing Complex ProblemsVUAM_11826 1
    Science and CommunicationVUAM_4705876 1
    Science in DialogueVUAM_10026 2
    Science in PerspectiveUvA5254SCIP6Y6 4-5
    Science JournalismVUAM_4710146 2
    Scientific Writing in EnglishVUX_4005923 2, 6
    Tutoring StudentsVUX_4326253 2
    Wetenschapscommunicatie voor Bèta-onderzoekersVUAB_4701856 5
    Academic Skills; Critical ThinkingUvA5354ASCT3Y6 6
    Academic Skills; Individual ProjectUvA5354ASIP3Y3 or 6 1-6
    Where can I find relevant UvA Education Documents?

    Here is a collection of official UvA documents that help you with your studies. The “OER” is the Training and Examination Regulation. Part A is general for all Science MSc programs at the UvA. Part B is Master specific. Note: the two Training and Examination Regulation documents linked below are the complete “OER” and therefore share the same part A.

    Following are for 2012/2013: